Melinda’s Reason Forty-Four


How can I encourage you to try something new, get up and take on your day, seek God and study His Word to gain understanding and wisdom, maybe even just take the next breath, if I’m not here? How can I show you that life really is worth living, if I take my own? How can I tell your how special you are and remind you that you’re uniquely created with a purpose, if I deny that truth for myself? You’re worth my being here.


Melinda’s Reason Forty-Three

Those who don’t know Christ

The Apostle Paul understood that being with Christ after this life will be wonderful. He longed for it, but more than that, he wanted to fulfill God’s purpose for his life in ministry to the Church. I can’t share the Gospel if I’m not here. If the legacy I leave is brokenness so profound I couldn’t bear it any longer, it sends a message to those who don’t know Christ that a life of faith is, at best, pointless, if not excruciating.

Melinda’s Reason Forty-Two

Young people for whom 13 Reasons Why make suicide seem reasonable

Life isn’t fair. People can be cruel. Pain isn’t the exclusive domain of the young. But the emotions of the young can be intense. They’re not as fully formed cognitively as they will be, and the brevity of their school years is, as yet, incomprehensible to them. Nothing lasts forever, but the younger you are, the longer a year seems. The only permanent factor of a suicide is death; circumstances change.

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Nine

 Depression lies

All those thoughts that tell us we’re worthless, that there’s no hope, that things will never get better, that everyone would be better off without us – they’re lies. Who wants to base a monumental, unalterable choice on the worst possible lies?

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Eight

I’m not defined by my weakness

I struggle with depression. I’m being treated for bipolar disorder. But depression and bipolar disorder are not who I am. Why would I let the final act of my life be dictated by things that aren’t the most important things about me? I’m not a victim; I’m a survivor.