Archive | July 2017

Number Forty

  I’m living proof that a bipolar life does not have to mean craziness on one end and enervation on the other. And I want to carry that message of recovery to everyone hurting because of their mental illness.


Number Thirty-Nine

I have too many books on my armchair table to finish reading to kill myself—Anne Lamott’s newest, Hallelujah Anyway, Mary Miller’s The Last Days of California, Mario Livio’s Brilliant Blunders, and William Poundstone’s Head in the Cloud.  I can’t leave a book unread for very long, but this is a formidable list.

Number Thirty-Seven

My alma mater, Mississippi State University, has been in the cellar in the Southeastern Conference for most of my life.  We have never won a national championship in any sport—football, basketball, golf, baseball—none of it.  But nowadays it’s different. We went to the men’s Final Four in basketball in 1992 and were eliminated in the first game.  We spent five weeks atop the AP Coaches Poll at number one for the month of October in 2015 in football.  We went to the College World Series earlier that year and made it to the championship game in baseball before losing to another team.  And in 2017, our women’s basketball team got to the championship game of the women’s Final Four.  We’re getting closer and closer to national championships.  And I want to be around to see it.

Number Thirty-Six

Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel of engineering and the site of more suicides than I can even imagine.  I want to see it and see what welcomes those coming to America from the east and to see the mist that tempts the suicide to jump and drown in San Francisco Bay.  Maybe there’s a little daring in this reason—I want to see if I can go and not succumb to the place’s siren song to death.

Number Thirty-Five

Natchez, Mississippi is one of the most beautiful cities around.  My husband Bob and I spent our honeymoon there. I want to go and spend a month there writing about the Nutt family at Longwood that spent 100 years living in the basement of that stunning octagonal house. The story has intrigued me for years and I want to write it.

Number Thirty-Four

I also want to watch a Shakespeare play done in England to see how William Shakespeare meant his plays to be done.  I know people think they can do Shakespeare anyway they want, but I want to see Shakespeare done right for once in my life.