Ren’s Reason Twenty-Four


Writing offers healing. Writing lets me build new worlds. Writing is as much a part of my day as eating or walking or taking my prescriptions. It is routine, but also a skill I can never fully master. Something that always keeps me intrigued, motivated, and progressing. I can’t write if my story has come to an end.



Ren’s Number Twenty-Three


I do not pretend to know everything about faith. I still have moments of doubt. But on the other side of my struggle, I can see so many things that have come full circle. I have hope there is more to this life than just a random series of events.

Ren’s Reason Twenty-One


 The peace and stillness of the early morning, when the rest of the world is sleeping. The multitude of stars on a cloudless night. The scent of flowers in spring, or the crunch of leaves beneath my boots in fall. Does heaven have four seasons? I’d like to explore Earth’s nature more before finding out.

Ren’s Reason Twenty


I once thought I’d never get to travel. Traveling beyond my town was hard enough. Now, I intend to see the world. I want to immerse myself in other cultures, other places. Surround myself with other languages and unfamiliar traditions. For a week or two at a time, at least.


Ren’s Reason Nineteen

Opportunity to teach

 Was there a purpose to my pain? I don’t believe it was some divine trial from God. But my pain can help heal others. My experience offers comfort for those in a similar struggle. If I can help them, I will.