Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Seven


Travelling the world isn’t just a matter of seeing, it’s also experiencing. I don’t have to fly across an ocean for new experiences. This year, in honor of my 44th birthday, I tried sushi for the first time with a couple of my friends. Loved it. There will always be new things to try. Bungee-jumping is not on my list, but maybe yours?


Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Six

There’s so much left to see

I’m probably never going to have the opportunity to travel the world… but who knows. Tuscany. Greece. Molokai. I may not never travel further in the US than Florida, or further into Canada than Toronto. Sometimes my world feels small, but it’s okay if I don’t go any further than I have. The potential is there as long as I am here.

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Four

Dr. Bordonaro… and Priscilla Thibault

I have a psychiatrist; it’s her job to help me make and follow treatment and maintenance, including medication (psychiatrists are medical doctors) plans. My friend Priscilla is a psychiatrist. I will never forget her telling me about how it felt to lose her first patient to suicide. It was years after the incident, but it’s not something you can just brush off, even if you’re a professional.

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Three

Others who struggle with depression

I don’t want my actions to reinforce someone’s false belief that suicide is a reasonable option. I think that’s where 13 Reasons Why dropped the ball. No matter how difficult things are, suicide is not the answer. No matter how much we hurt, suicide is not the fix we truly want.

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-Two

CNY Wesleyan Women Ladies Retreat

Each year I participate in the planning and setting up of a prayer walk for my church district ladies’ retreat. Comments always make their way back from women whom God has blessed through a particular station, or the walk in general. At the end of last year’s retreat, I became part of the retreat committee. Numbers have been down the last several years. We’d like to see more women come, and offer them something worth coming for. Times change. What people expect, and how they worship, changes. God doesn’t.

Melinda’s Reason Thirty-One

My church

Even when we don’t think so, how we interact with our local church family (if you don’t have one, you need one), impacts its corporate health, not to mention its testimony to the lost in the community. Suicide is devastating in a family, and that group of imperfect people with whom you seek to honor God is your God-given family. We’re responsible for each other. In the depths of suicidal depression we may not be able to believe that people care and will really be affected if we take our life, but they would be.